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Show off your business, build brand awareness and grow engagement. We create videos to help drive marketing campaigns.  We produce innovative concepts to best suit your brand. Whether you want to increase sales, promote a new product etc, we have you covered.



We love getting amongst the thick of the action. Experienced in shooting basketball, cricket, football just to name a few, we can capture game highlights and behind the scenes footage to heighten the drama of every game.



Real estate videos create four times as many listing enquires against those which don't have video. We create contemporary, tasteful and enticing video tours making any house feel like a home for prospective buyers 

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TV Commercials are a massive part of business success. We work collaboratively with you to create the best ideas, and product to give you the highest possible campaign results through mainstream media.


Whatever the occasion; a performance, birthday party, graduation, concert, we'll give you the best coverage package to treasure, so you can relive the special day over and over again.


This is your chance to really let the imagination run wild. Whether you need a music video to promote your new single, or a short film idea, our team has experience in creating unique and dynamic videos for all formats.   


At Infinite Productions we also offer stand alone shooting services. Our videographers can be hired for whatever the occasion or project. They capture stunning footage at an hourly rate.



We absolutely love weddings. No two weddings are the same. We capture the raw emotion of your  the day , and by taking the time to really get to know you, we create a film that perfectly suits your story and relationship.



The fun part. Everything is set up and the camera is rolling . Very little can beat the excitement of a shoot day as your project starts to take shape. We use the best appropriate equipment for each shoot, work professionally and efficiently, have a lot of fun but most importantly get everything we need.


This is where your project really comes to life. Footage, audio, music, graphics and effects are all combined by our expert storytellers to create the complete video. All post-production work is carried out on Adobe products.


The edit is complete and a finished copy will be shown to you. As much as we think we will deliver the content just as you hoped, we allow two revisions per project to make minor changes so you are 100% happy with the result (bigger/more revisions will be billable), although we make our process so thorough this is seldom needed!


The journey begins. The initial consultation is where we get to know, and build a rapport with you and learn your needs. We can organise meetings in person, on the phone, Facetime, whatever suits you. We feel that by getting to know you, we can create content which much more accurately represents YOU.


This is the chance to get everything out on the table. Tell us all your crazy ideas and we come up with a way of making them possible.  We work with you to begin bringing your ideas to life, or produce innovative concepts to accurately convey the message you are aiming to tell.


Storyboarding is where your story gets drawn up in a shot by shot format. This process allows us, and you, to see the story taking shape and make sure we have all the bases covered. Once completed, shoot planning can be made and the wheels set in motion.