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Why You NEED Wedding Video

Your special day only happens once. That’s why wedding videography should be right up near the top of the list when it comes to planning your wedding day. You can of course call me biased, but here are a few reasons why!

Timeless Investment

The flowers looked beautiful, the venue was stunning, the food was delicious, all amazing and important parts of your day, but once the day is done, they’re gone. Your wedding video is one of the only things you get to take away from your day and treasure forever. Wedding video isn’t just a service on the day or another expense, it is an investment in a timeless product that can be shared and passed down to generations to come!


For me this is the maybe the most important reason, and that is for audio. While photos capture moments, video captures life. Combining both beautiful footage with the invaluable sound of laughter, crying and talking of those closest and dearest to you encapsulates life forever. Whether it’s the father of the Brides toast, grandparents laughter or words of wisdom, hilarious Best Mans speech, being able to relive the full life of the moment with crystal clear audio is one of the biggest reasons to have video at your wedding, and this is what sets video apart from everything else.

Relive and Share

Don’t just reminisce your wedding day, RELIVE IT! How many times have you heard people say, “our wedding day went so quick” or “our day was so busy it was almost a blur”? Video gives you the chance to be transported back into the most important moments and relive them all other, and even show you parts you missed! And in the crazy world we now live in, It also gives those who couldn’t not attend in person, the opportunity to be fully transported into and experience the day as if they were, no matter where they are in the world.

So that’s just a few reasons why you should have video at your wedding.

Please don’t be that couple who regret not having their day captured.

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